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Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing the right cricket bat is essential for any player, as it can impact your performance on the field. So, when it comes to finding that perfect bat for yourself, there is no space for compromises. To help you in this journey, here’s the key difference between two widely preferred bat types; the MRF cricket bat and the English Willow cricket bat. But before that, let’s have a look at some factors to consider when selecting a cricket bat:

Bat Size: The bat’s size is crucial as it can affect your batting technique. The right size bat will feel comfortable in your hands, provide a good balance, and allow you to swing it with ease. The ideal bat size depends on your height and age, so choosing a bat that matches your physical attributes is important.

Bat Weight: The bat’s weight is also important, as a bat that’s too heavy can cause fatigue and affect your technique. On the other hand, a bat that’s too light may not provide enough power to hit the ball effectively. Choosing a bat that feels comfortable in your hands and allows you to swing it with ease is best.

Bat Shape: The shape of the bat can also affect your performance. A bat with a more prominent sweet spot will be more forgiving when you miss the ball, while a bat with a thinner blade will provide more control over your shots. A slightly curved blade can also help you generate more power when hitting the ball.

Bat Handle: The handle should feel comfortable in your hands, with a good grip that allows you to control the bat effectively. You may prefer a thicker or thinner handle, depending on your preference.

Bat Material: Different types of bats are made from different materials, such as English or Kashmir willow. English willow is the preferred material for professional players, providing superior quality and performance. However, Kashmir willow bats can also provide good performance at a more affordable price.

Budget: Finally, your budget is essential when choosing a cricket bat. Bats can range in price from affordable to expensive, so choosing a bat that matches your budget and provides good value for money is important.


MRF Cricket Bat

MRF cricket bats are made using advanced materials, including carbon fibre, known for their high strength-to-weight ratio. Here’s how carbon fibre contributes to the lightweight and durable construction of MRF cricket bats:

  • Carbon fibre is a composite material made from carbon fibres woven together and impregnated with a resin. The resulting material is strong, lightweight, and resistant to bending, cracking, and other forms of damage.
  • When carbon fibre is used in the construction of MRF cricket bats, it allows for a thinner and lighter bat profile, which makes it easier for players to swing the bat with speed and agility.
  • Using carbon fibre in MRF cricket bats also improves the bat’s durability, as it is less likely to crack or break under stress. This is particularly important for aggressive players who put a lot of force and power behind their shots.
  • Additionally, using carbon fibre in MRF cricket bats can enhance the bat’s performance by improving the transfer of energy from the bat to the ball upon impact. This can result in more robust and accurate shots.

English Willow Cricket Bats

English willow cricket bats are made from a specific type of willow tree called Salix alba var. Caerulea is grown in some areas of England, including Essex and Suffolk. Here are some features of this tree which make it an ideal choice for cricket bats.

  • English willow trees are known for their long, straight trunks, ideal for producing cricket bat blanks – the raw wood that will be used to make a bat.
  • The wood from English willow trees is lightweight, flexible, strong and resilient. This combination of properties makes it ideal for cricket bats, as it allows for a good balance between power and control.
  • English willow wood is also known for its excellent shock-absorbing properties. When a cricket ball strikes the bat, the wood can absorb a significant amount of the shock, which helps to reduce the risk of the bat cracking or breaking.
  • Additionally, the wood from English willow trees has a unique cell structure that allows it to be easily shaped and moulded into a cricket bat’s complex curves and contours. This makes it possible to produce finely balanced bats with a large sweet spot.


MRF Cricket Bat

MRF cricket bats are designed to focus on power and control, making them ideal for aggressive players who like to play big shots.

  • MRF cricket bats are typically constructed with a thick profile, which provides a larger hitting surface area or sweet spot. This makes it easier for players to hit the ball with power and generate high run-scoring shots, even when it is not hit squarely.
  • The shape of MRF cricket bats is also designed to enhance the balance and weight distribution of the bat. The bat’s handle is typically thinner than the blade, allowing for greater control and precision when playing shots.
  • Additionally, MRF cricket bats often feature a slightly curved blade, which can help increase the bat’s momentum and power when hitting the ball.
  • Using high-quality materials, including carbon fibre, in the construction of MRF cricket bats also allows for a lighter-weight bat that can be swung with greater speed and agility. This can further enhance the power and control that a player can achieve with the bat.

English Willow Cricket Bats

English willow cricket bats are renowned for their sweet spot and ability to absorb shocks, making them an excellent choice for players who want a bat that offers good balance, control, and comfort.

  • English willow cricket bats are typically designed with a mid-to-low sweet spot, which provides an extensive and forgiving hitting area. This makes it easier for players to connect with the ball and generate good power, even when it is not hit perfectly.
  • The shape of English willow cricket bats is designed to provide good balance and control. The handle is typically thinner than the blade, allowing for greater control and precision when playing shots.
  • The lightweight and flexible nature of English willow wood makes it comfortable for extended periods. The bat is easy to swing and manoeuvre, which can help to reduce fatigue and discomfort during long innings.


In summary, MRF cricket bats are made of high-quality composite material and offer excellent balance. In contrast, English Willow cricket bats are made of natural wood and offer a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and lightness. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference and playing style. So, whatever your preference, find the right bat type with us at Season Sports.

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